02 March 2010

China driven green? Money motivates companies to go green, and other company, industry, supply chain and government news

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China Will Dominate Green Auto Market: Daimler CEO.reliability high.
"China's expanding auto market will be the first to embrace alternative fuels, shunning the West's dependence on gasoline, Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, told CNBC Tuesday. 'China knows that they can't go for mass individual transportation based on gasoline. Just by the number of people living in China there is not enough oil,' Zetsche said." Story at CNBC.

Companies Cutting Carbon Despite Lack of Laws.reliability high.
"The desire to be environmentally friendly and the promise of saving money through improved efficiency were cited in a recent survey as the most significant drivers for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The vast majority of companies that report their emissions to the Climate Registry said their future greenhouse management or reduction plans were not contingent on future climate change regulations, according to the nonprofit's annual member survey published Monday. Instead, most members in the survey said, reporting and verifying emissions inventories are hallmarks of being an environmental climate leader, in addition to setting goals, reducing emissions, incorporating the data into sustainability reports, and encouraging greenhouse gas management for their suppliers." From GreenBiz. PDF of summary of survey results here.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Tesco launches recycled clothing collection.reliability medium.
"the collection – just six pieces – is made from end of line Tesco stock which would otherwise end up in landfill, and is being produced in one of the most environmentally-friendly factories in the world. ... Tesco's plan is to recycle waste within its own supply chain while still keeping its fashion credentials." Read more at The Guardian Green Living blog.

ICB's Green feature this week.reliability medium.
ICIS Chemical Business' March 1 green feature issue is out, with articles about the investment environment for green chemistry companies; an overview and update on the past Copenhagen Climate Change summit by author Lou Reade; the issue of population growth and how chemical companies can use their technology on this issue; how chemical companies are surviving (or not) on the burdensome costs of the European chemical regulation Reach; how chemical companies are reaping the benefits of applying eco-friendly manufacturing processes; an update on the winners of Sustainability Profile award from the recent Informex tradeshow; and Elaine Burridge's interview with Cognis CEO Antonio Trius about their green business strategies. Story at ICIS Green Chemicals blog. Access ICB issue here.

Government and Regulation

Mexico Bike plan offers pollution solution.reliability high.
Video (ad): "A new bicycle rental scheme has been launched in Mexico City as an antidote to clogged streets and high levels of air pollution. Rob Muir reports." From Reuters.

Clearing the Air at American Ports.reliability high.
"The Teamsters  union and environmental activists have formed an unlikely and outspoken alliance aiming to clear the air in American ports, and perhaps bolster the Teamsters’ ranks in the process. The labor-green alliance is getting under the trucking industry’s skin by asserting that short-haul trucking companies working in ports — and not the truck drivers, who are often considered independent contractors — should spend the billions needed to buy new, low-emission rigs that can cost $100,000 to $175,000 each. The Teamsters union says seaport air is so dirty largely because port truck drivers earn too little to buy trucks that would belch out fewer diesel particulates". From The New York Times.

India proposes coal tax to create renewable energy fund.reliability high.
"India is to establish a clean energy fund by imposing a tax on coal produced within the country and imported from abroad, the country’s finance minister has announced, which a regional expert told NewNet is expected to generate between $500 and $550m." See NewNet.

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