01 March 2010

Al Gore challenges deniers, and other company, supply chain and industry info

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We Can't Wish Away Climate Change.reliability medium.
Opinion piece by Al Gore. "I, for one, genuinely wish that the climate crisis were an illusion. But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at least two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change." In The New York Times. [Worth reading. A call to action in difficult times. If you still think there is no such thing as climate change, maybe you should skip it--it might make you mad.]

UN proposes WTO-style environment watchdog.reliability high.
"A global environmental watchdog modelled on the powerful World Trade Organisation (WTO) could be formed as part of any international climate change treaty, according to environment ministers meeting in Bali last week who agreed to form a new working group to investigate proposed reforms to environmental governance procedures. Speaking to reporters at the close of the meeting, Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), signalled there was growing support for the formation of a new World Environment Organisation (WEO)." See story at BusinessGreen.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Utah Data Center Uses Evaporative Cooling Along Way to 80% Energy Savings.reliability high.
"Voonami’s new data center uses a giant evaporative cooler, along with other technologies, to deliver energy savings of 80 percent compared to the typical data center. . . . Ralph Yarro, CEO of Voonami, said the new one was built specifically to cater to the 'high-end, green data center' market." See story in Environmental Leader. [But doesn't evaporative cooling have a big water footprint, especially in the Utah desert? How green is this really? See next item.]

Green IT: CIOs Can Demand Sustainability from Vendors.reliability high.
"Pamela Rucker doesn't want to spend money with IT vendors that waste water or energy, or that have large carbon footprints. After all, she says, as vice president of IT for environmental services firm PSC, it would be hypocritical to not hold vendors to high standards. When considering a deal with a software, hardware or services provider, Rucker demands to see its written policies governing sustainability. On top of that, IT staff might walk through vendor facilities to verify a company's green claims: How high heat density is in the data center; how water consumption is minimized; whether renewable energy sources are used; how old computers are recycled. Rucker and team don't just take such claims at face value, they look for proof. " More about how CIOs can verify vendor claims. From CIO.

Framework for Responsible Environmental Marketing Communications.reliability high.
"the International Chamber of Commerce has produced a new global Framework for Responsible Environmental Marketing Communications. The framework responds to a call from industry stakeholders for guidance on how to better engage in, and evaluate, environmental marketing communications to ensure consumer confidence in these claims is safeguarded. . . . Developed by the ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising, the framework includes a practical checklist aimed at the creators of marketing communications campaigns around environmental claims, as well as a chart that provides an easy reference to relevant provisions of the global advertising code and interpretations on current issues related to environmental marketing." From GreenBiz. PDF of framework here.

M&S Product Portfolio to be 100% 'Eco,' 'Ethical' by 2020.reliability high.
"UK retailer Marks & Spencer is stepping its plans to sell only items that have at least one 'eco' or 'ethical' attribute. By 2015, the retailer aims to have half its products meet that standard. By 2020, the goal is 100 percent. . . . To meet the standard, products should carry a certification such as those performed by the Marine Stewardship Council, Forest Stewardship Council or Fair Trade, or they should otherwise exhibit elements of sustainability." From Environmental Leader.

Sustainability Rankings for ICT Industry Put Vodafone, Nokia, HP on Top.reliability high.
"A new ranking from Tomorrow's Value Rating, a tool developed by London-based sustainability consultance Two Tomorrows, puts those efforts into perspective, and highlights which ICT firms are best prepared to move into the low-carbon future -- and which firms are lagging behind. Overall, Vodafone scored the highest in the rankings, given 62 percent for its "strong, all-round sustainability leadership." . . . AT&T and Verizon were the two lowest-ranked ICT firms, with scores of 28 and 23 percent, respectively. Despite the leading examples -- and many others from the industry rankings -- no company scored higher than 60 percent in the overall score, and only these three firms were above the 50 percent mark. As a result, the industry's efforts as a whole have plenty of room for improvement." See GreenBiz story. Access full ranking here.

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