03 March 2010

Greening real estate investments, green leases, and other company, industry and government selections

Top Stories

Seeing the Investor Value in Being Green.reliability high.
"Jamestown Properties, a German commercial real estate investment company, has decided it will go 'green' in nearly its entire $4 billion portfolio of buildings, all located in the United States. The overhaul involves fixes as simple as installing low-flow water fixtures and as complex as revamping heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Jamestown expects to recoup costs through energy savings, the ability to charge higher rents and higher resale values." Read New York Times story.

Using Green Leases to Improve Building Performance.reliability medium.
"Projected energy efficiency has become the Achilles Heel of the green building industry. Even buildings with outstanding design features, extensive modeling, and expert commissioning many times fail to meet expected energy efficiency targets. ... Green leases are one critical tool that can be used to improve how humans interact with green buildings over a building’s lifecycle. Green commercial leases can provide incentives to reduce energy use and water, and  increase recycling and the use of sustainable materials." Good discussion at The Green Economy Post. [You may occupy a "green" building, with LEED certification, but do you have a green lease to assure continued performance?]

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Mitsubishi completes new giant solar cell plant.reliability high.
"Mitsubishi expects the global PV market to grow from 5,550MW in fiscal 2009 to approximately 8,000MW by fiscal 2012, predicting that "the introduction of new PV-related stimulus programmes in Japan, feed-in-tariff systems spreading across Europe, as well as projected growth in the North American market", would all serve to drive demand." See BusinessGreen.

HP, Intel, General Mills Top List of Best Corporate Citizens.reliability high.
"Corporate Responsibility Magazine today released its 11th annual Best Corporate Citizens list, putting Hewlett-Packard, Intel and General Mills in the top three categories. The full list this year includes a number of shakeups, including that Bristol-Myers Squibb, last year's top firm, fell to the seventh position in the rankings. Coca-Cola, which appears in eighth place this year, was ranked 56 last year." Story at GreenBiz. Access complete list here.

BYD, Daimler to Form Electric-Car Venture in China.reliability high.
"Daimler AG and BYD Co., the Chinese carmaker backed by billionaire Warren Buffett, will jointly develop an electric vehicle to be sold in China, the world’s largest auto market." Story at Bloomberg Business Week.

Investment insight from DSM.reliability medium.
Interview with "insights coming from Erik Rutten, DSM Venturing's senior investment manager, on how green chemistry companies can attract strategic partners such as DSM." From ICIS Green Chemicals blog.

Government and Regulation

Obama spells out rebates for energy efficiency.reliability high.
"Consumers would collect on-the-spot rebates of $1,000 or more for buying insulation, water heaters or other equipment to make their homes burn energy more efficiently under a rebate program President Barack Obama is promoting. Obama traveled to Savannah, Ga., on Tuesday to outline the Home Star program, which was left out of the jobs bill in December. Obama called for energy rebates in his State of the Union address, and officials hope the plan will be as popular as last year's Cash for Clunkers money-back program for autos." See MSNBC from AP.

In India, a Clear Victor on The Climate Action Front.reliability high.
"On Feb. 19, a brief public statement in Delhi broke the news that the Special Envoy of the Prime Minister on Climate Change, the austere veteran bureaucrat, Shyam Saran, was to quit. ... Within hours, India’s press was pointing to one man as the key to Saran’s departure: the relatively junior figure of the Minister for Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh. ... in the course of the last 12 months, from what might be rated, at best, a medium rung on Delhi’s ladder of power and influence, Jairam Ramesh has vanquished two senior rivals to emerge as the voice of India’s transformed climate policy." More on India's changing stance on global climate policy. See Yale environment 360.

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