09 December 2009

Where do CDM carbon offset dollars (pounds, euros) go? Smart meter, phone home; and other company, market and government news

Top Stories

U.S. Speeding Up 'Green' Patent Process.reliability high.
"A new pilot program from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeks to fast-track the review of 'green' technology patents, a time-consuming process that often takes about 40 months under the current system. The new system is expected to take about 12 months off the process, according to the Wall Street Journal." "The first 3,000 'green' patent applications to be filed will be eligible for the new system, along with about 25,000 applications already in the pipeline, reports CNET." From Environmental Leader.

Climate Deal Likely to Bear Big Price Tag.reliability high.
"So what is all this [mitigation and adaptation] going to cost? The short answer is trillions of dollars over the next few decades. It is a significant sum but a relatively small fraction of the world’s total economic output. In energy infrastructure alone, the transformational ambitions that delegates to the United Nations climate change conference are expected to set in the coming days will cost more than $10 trillion in additional investment from 2010 to 2030, according to a new estimate from the International Energy Agency." More on costs, how they net out with savings, and how they will be borne. See The New York Times.

UK Report: Just 30% of Carbon Offset Dollars Spent on Emissions Reduction.reliability high.
An analysis by Carbon Retirement using data from CDM projects estimates that only about 30% of what is spent by consumers for carbon offsets generated by such projects actually goes for project capital and operating expenses, the part that actually reduces emissions or captures carbon. Another 30% goes to the investor who "buys credits that are not yet delivered (primary CERs or pCERs) and takes on the risk that the project may fail to deliver sCERs". The rest goes to consulting, administrative costs, other profits along the value chain, and taxes. Note that Carbon Retirement offers competing products to CDM carbon offsets. See Environmental Leader. Access report here.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

AT&T and Silver Spring Hook Up Over the Smart Grid.reliability medium.
AT&T and Silver Spring Networks announced a deal for Silver Spring use AT&T’s 3G network to connect its smart grid gear to utility back offices. From earth2tech. AT&T press release here.

New startup Locust could crush traditional data storage.reliability high.
Locust Storage has developed data storage technology that draws "only 5 to 10 percent of the power that traditional systems demand." The technology combines solid state and on-demand disk storage. "Georgion estimates that a medium sized data storage facility could save 400 kilowatts of steady load by switching entirely to his Locust drives, which last years longer than competing technologies. Since they operate partly in the solid state and are only generating heat when data is accessed (as opposed to full-time) HVAC requirements would be substantially lower as well." See GreenBeat.

How the world's largest meat processor slashed its carbon footprint.reliability high.
"At Danish Crown, being environmentally efficient is king not just because of the consumer and regulatory demands to do so, but because the cost savings from being green are so great." "In the quest for complete environmental accountability, Danish Crown has put the equivalent of an environmental price tag on each pig slaughtered, which gives the company a benchmark to continue driving down emissions and waste. Greenhouse emissions mapping has enabled Danish Crown to calculate that each pork chop has a climate change impact of 360 grams of CO2 equivalent." "Most of the greenhouse gases stem from feedstuffs production, farm buildings and manure." More facts and figures. See Queensland Country Life.

Reusing Old Equipment Saves Cisco $153 Million.reliability high.
"A global closed-loop reverse supply chain has enabled Cisco to collect nearly 24 million pounds of returned electronic equipment, more than 99 percent of which was recycled or reused. The networking giant offers a discount on new products in exchange for returned equipment. Redeploying that unwanted equipment saved Cisco $153 million in fiscal 2009" according to its new CSR report. More on CSR results. From GreenBiz.

Government and Regulation

South Africa Commits to Global Warming Reductions.reliability medium.
South Africa has joined India and China by saying they can reduce the rate of increase of their GHG emissions below earlier projections. They "proposed that they would cut their emissions by 34% below projected levels in 2020 and by 42% below in 2025." They said "This level of effort enables South Africa's emissions to peak between 2020 and 2025, plateau for approximately a decade and decline in absolute terms thereafter." From NRDC blog.

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