08 December 2009

Japan throws stimulus cash at green, UK report says air travel growth must slow, biofuels under a cloud (of nitrous oxide), and other company, government and related information

Top Stories

Japan Offers an $80.6 Billion Stimulus Package.reliability high.
"Japan’s governing coalition presented a stimulus package of 7.2 trillion yen ($81 billion) on Tuesday in a bid to buttress the country’s fragile economic recovery" "Environmental programs, like incentives to purchase energy-efficient cars and appliances, will receive $9 billion". From The New York Times.

Climate change report calls for passenger tax on flights to reduce CO2.reliability high.
"Heavy taxes on passengers and a ban on expansion at regional airports will be needed to curb Britain's insatiable appetite for air travel, a climate change report will say today." "'This is a very challenging target,' said David Kennedy, the committee's chief executive. 'Don't be deceived by the fact that demand can grow. It will have to grow by much less than if we didn't care about carbon dioxide.'" See The Guardian. Access the report here.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

India's Tata takes on water treatment with new filter.reliability high.
"Mumbai-based Tata Chemicals, a division of the Tata Group, said today it has launched a new, low-cost water purification device expected to benefit rural India’s low-income population. The portable device, called the Tata Swach, doesn't need energy or running water to operate, which are often not available in rural areas." Other info on water filters. From Cleantech Group.

10 Best Practices for Building Green Teams.reliability high.
"GreenBiz.com and Green Impact have partnered to release a new report, 'Green Teams: Engaging Employees in Sustainability.' Based on interviews with green team leaders from Intel, Yahoo!, eBay and Genentech, as well as a review of the latest literature on employee engagement and green teams, the report provides an overview of the best practices companies are using to support and guide green teams." See GreenBiz blog. Access report here.

Nitrous oxide concerns cloud future of biofuels.reliability high.
"Scientists at the European commission have cast doubt on whether biofuels could ever be produced sustainably in significant quantities, dealing a blow to the aviation industry, which sees such fuel as a key way to reduce its emissions." The issue is nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, released when fertilizer is applied to crops. Its release may make biofuels bigger contributors of greenhouse than fossil fuels. From The Guardian.

Corporate Fleets Continue to Innovate for Emission Reductions.reliability medium.
"Novo Nordisk, Poland Spring and Carrier are demonstrating that driving less, selecting more efficient vehicles, and choosing lower-carbon fuel sources are bedrock principles of the greenhouse gas management approach Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has long advocated for corporate fleets to utilize." More on specific actions. From GreenBiz blog.

Government and Regulation

Jairam persuades negotiators to join climate talks.reliability high.
"Faced with strong protest from negotiators over what they called change in India's stance on climate talks, the government on Sunday scrambled to control the damage. Environment minister Jairam Ramesh held a series of meetings with two negotiators who had threatened to pull out of Copenhagen talks as they feared that the baseline of India's stand was being changed in the name of flexibility. The effort paid dividends with the negotiators -- Chandrasekhar Dasgupta and Prodipto Ghosh -- agreeing to join the talks in Copenhagen. But they also drew dark red lines by publicly confirming that they had differences and highlighting that they had got assurances from Ramesh." More on the political chaos in India over what its stance in Copenhagen should be. From Times of India.

MoDOT to use solar energy to prevent snow, ice buildup on bridge decks.reliability high.
"The Missouri Department of Transportation will become one of the first agencies in the nation to turn to solar energy in an effort to prevent the buildup of snow and ice on bridge decks" "MoDOT has entered into a contract with Pave Guard Technologies, Inc., of Lee’s Summit to install a 'solar warming system' on two bridges" to be open by November 2010. "MoDOT will evaluate the performance of the systems before making a decision on whether to install more of them on other bridges." See Springfield News-Leader. Press release here.


Copenhagen: Emissions, Treaties and Impacts.reliability high.
Excellent graphics from NYT illustrate GHG emission statistics and projections, Kyoto protocol results, and expected climate change impacts. See New York Times.

Things Talk: Global Environmental Education for Children.reliability high.
"'Things Talk' is a worldwide climate change educational project for children between 10-12 years old. School classes throughout the world will be invited to work with the subject of climate change for one to two weeks" Links and details, with video clips. From The Newsmarket.

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