18 November 2009

More estimates of climate bill payoff, projections of 6C global warming, Dutch pay-as-you-pollute tax, Clean Tech winners, other business and industry news

Top Stories

US climate bill to boost economy by $111bn.reliability high.
A new study commissioned by Ceres finds that "the stronger the federal climate policy, the greater the economic reward." "a major study from three influential universities suggests that a robust climate bill would . . . boost GDP by $111bn (£66bn) by 2020." It "also indicates that action to roll out an emissions cap-and-trade scheme and accelerate the adoption of clean technologies could create between 918,000 and 1.9 million US jobs." "Meanwhile, the average household income could grow by between $488 and $1,176 as year as a result of the bill." Mentions a few more highlights of report. See Green Business. PDF of executive summary here. [The study give state-by-state projections of economic impact of the Waxman-Markey bill. The state with the highest projected increase in real household income and gross state product by 2020: Wyoming by a large margin. Second: Nebraska. One reason results differ from other studies is that it takes into account projected increases in fossil fuel prices due to rising demand under business-as-usual.]

Global temperatures will rise 6C by end of century, say scientists.reliability high.
"Global temperatures are on a path to rise by an average of 6C by the end of the century as CO2 emissions increase and the Earth's natural ability to absorb the gas declines, according to a major new study." "The new study is the most comprehensive analysis to date of how economic changes and shifts in the way people have used the land in the past five decades have affected the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere." Notes conflicting results of other researchers and difficulties of quantifying long-term trends. From The Guardian. Abstract here.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

PG&E lawsuit spreads down Smart Grid supply chain.reliability high.
The plaintiff’s attorneys in the PG&E smart meter lawsuit "say that PG&E’s suppliers should also be sued — a who’s who of Smart Grid companies including General Electric, meter maker Landis+Gyr and communications provider Silver Spring Networks." See GreenBeat.

Dell Shipping Netbooks in Bamboo Packaging.reliability high.
"The bamboo cushions serve as an alternative to foam, molded paper pulp and corrugated material that is traditionally used in packaging, according to a press release." "The company is sourcing bamboo from China under criteria from the Forest Stewardship Council." From Environmental Leader. Press release here.

Cleantech Open Winners Revealed--EcoFactor Takes the Grand Prize.reliability high.
List of winners in Clean Tech Open green entrepreneurs contest. See earth2tech. Clean Tech Open press release.

The Real Policy Lesson From the Chinese Wind Turbine Scare.reliability medium.
Comments on the underlying reasons that Chinese turbines are being purchased, in part with stimulus funds, for a wind project in Texas. Points to inconsistent policy especially the production tax credit. See Breakthrough Institute blog.

TXU, Marriott Identify $250K in Energy Savings at 40 Texas Hotels.reliability high.
"TXU Energy recently conducted energy audits at Texas Marriott locations, identifying energy saving opportunities. If fully implemented across Marriott’s 40 properties in Texas, the savings could amount to 2 million kilowatt hours a year, or about $250,000." From Environmental Leader. Press release here.

Government and Regulation

Dutch first in Europe to adopt green tax for cars.reliability high.
"Drivers will have to pay per kilometer driven in a bid to end chronic traffic jams and cut carbon emissions. The system, which will use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to monitor cars, could be used as a test case for other countries weighing options for easing crowded roads. Singapore has a similar scheme for charging according to the amount of travel." Road taxes and car purchase taxes will be abolished when the new driving tax comes into effect in 2012. "an average passenger car will pay €.03 per kilometer (£.04 per mile), with higher charges levied during rush-hour and for travelling on congested roads." From The Independent.

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