17 November 2009

China not ready to let U.S. off hook, Hohm vs. Powermeter, Coke's PlantBottle, other company, market and government news

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China "studying" plan to delay final climate deal.reliability high.
"China on Monday distanced itself from proposals to delay a binding climate pact to 2010, but might be willing to sign up to a "political deal" at climate talks next month if it includes strong commitments from rich nations." From Reuters. [U.S. volunteered to get off the hook for climate commitment. China says, "Wait just a minute. We'll tell you whether you can relax or not."]

Climate change funds continue to outperform conventional peers.reliability high.
Holden & Partners's "Annual Guide to Climate Change Investment assessed the top performing climate change related investment funds operating in the clean energy water, agriculture, forestry and ethical investment sectors and found that despite some volatility in the past 18 months they were broadly outperforming conventional funds." "the report showed that climate change related investment funds were benefiting from the strong performance of low carbon businesses." "'There is a perception that clean tech investment is high risk and focused on small start ups that will either make it big or go out of business,' report author Mark Hoskin told BusinessGreen.com. 'But they tend to be heavy industrial companies that have substantial market caps – these investments are lower risk than people expect and we are seeing them outperform the market.'" From Business Green. Access report here (registration required).

Chinese Breeze: A-Power Plans Big Wind-Turbine Plant in U.S.reliability medium.
"Less than two weeks after New York’s senior senator railed against the Chinese wind farm planned for Texas, since it would mean mostly Chinese jobs, the companies behind the project announced their plans to build a huge wind-turbine factory in the U.S." See Wall Street Journal Environmental Capital blog.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Hohm vs. Powermeter: A side-by-side rundown.reliability medium.
Interesting comparison of these two entries from Microsoft and Google in the energy-monitoring arena. See Green Beat.

Making A Big Deal of Small Wind.reliability medium.
About Southwest Windpower, in which GE has made an investment, and small-scale "back yard" wind generators in general. From GreenBiz blog.

Honeywell, So Cal Edison Team Up to Curb Electricity Demand.reliability medium.
Honeywell has received an $11 million grant from the Energy Department to install smart-grid gear that helps big industrial and commercial users of Southern California Edison automatically downshift their electricity consumption the few days a year when California applies 'critical peak pricing.' SCE and Honeywell estimate that automated systems will allow twice as much demand reduction as current manual systems. "'With today’s existing technology, we can save 15% to 20% of U.S. energy use,' says Dan Sheflin, chief technology officer at Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions. 'And 30% is a very realistic goal' for the future, he adds." "Larry Oliva, director of tariff programs at SCE, figures smarter commercial energy use through the new system could obviate the need for 1,700 megawatts of new peak power plants. 'This could be a huge money saver for us,' he says." See Wall Street Journal Environmental Capital blog.

After Dasani Test, Coke Begins Global Rollout of PlantBottle.reliability high.
Coca-Cola has begun a global roll-out of its "PlantBottle" made from a blend of petroleum-derived PET and as much as 30% PET made from plant materials (sugar cane and its products), in bottles sold in North America. The bottles sole in Denmark "contain only 15 percent plant-based materials, but also up to 50 percent recycled plastic." See Environmental Leader. Press release here.

Dry-cooling Challenges Notion of Water Intensity for Desert Solar.reliability high.
"Solar Millenium LLC plans to use new dry-cooling technology at two plants outside Las Vegas. The technology was developed by parent firm Solar Trust of America LLC." "While not truly water-free, the dry-cooling technology requires about 90 percent less water than typical solar thermal plants." From Environmental Leader. Press release here.

Chinese Solar Panel Firm to Open Plant in Arizona.reliability high.
"Suntech Power, China’s largest solar panel manufacturer, plans to open its first American plant near Phoenix, the company announced." Panels will be made with solar cells manufactured in China, made in turn partly with polysilicon shipped from Texas. See New York Times.

Government and Regulation

WRI Launches New Web Site Tracking China’s Energy and Climate Actions.reliability high.
The World Resources Institute has launched ChinaFAQs.org -- a Web site tracking and summarizing the research of academics, research scientists and policy experts on China’s climate and energy policies and actions. See WRI site.

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