17 September 2010

CCS non-starter in Europe? Greenpeace mocks Zuckerberg, good-bye Climate Leaders and other sustainable business news

Top Stories

"EPA to kill Climate Leaders programme"reliability high.
The U.S. EPA will wind down its "Climate Leaders" program that offered participants tools to improve climate reporting and recognition for their climate reporting achievements. A letter from the Administrator said, "EPA has determined that climate programs operated by the states and NGOs are now robust enough to service our partners and other entities that wish to continue to advance their climate leadership through comprehensive reporting (that exceed mandatory reporting requirements) and/or the establishment of facility or corporate­ level GHG reduction goals." Companies can turn to The Climate Registry, The Carbon Disclosure Project and similar programs. See BusinessGreen. Access the Administrator's letter at the Climate Leaders site. [Companies may miss the value of the EPA imprimatur. PDF of current partner list here]

"E-market shows buyers carbon footprint of goods"reliability high.
@UKPLC, an on-line b2b marketplace, will officially launch a feature allowing buyers to see the carbon footprint of listed products in October. "The carbon footprint of products available on the site is calculated using e2class, @UKPLC’s ethical and environmental classification system, which combines data from the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Centre for Sustainable Accounting with the e-market’s own GreenInsight artificial intelligence tools, @UKPLC’s chairman Ronald Duncan told Businessgreen.com." From BusinessGreen. The marketplace is here.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

"India firm to bundle solar projects for CO2 offsets"reliability high.
Emergent Ventures India "has launched a program to link up developers of costly small-scale solar power projects to help them earn U.N. carbon credits and boost investment returns. ... EVI has already begun signing up developers of solar panel projects of size from 1 to 2 MegaWatts and hopes to grow that number to at least 50 in a program it believes is among the first of its type in India. The projects are part of an Indian government scheme to dramatically ramp up solar power generation to 20 GigaWatts by 2021 from about 30 MW now. ... Signing up 50 projects could generate up to 75,000 CERs a year, he said. CERs traded on the European Climate Exchange settled on Thursday at 13.68 euros each." See Reuters article.

"Coda To Join Tesla In Building Electric Cars in California"reliability high.
EV startup Coda Automotive "appears to be on the verge of finalizing a deal for a large-scale assembly facility, which it plans to locate in Benicia, California." The Coda sedan will be introduced for the 2011 model year, along with the Leaf and the Volt. Unlike the Leaf, it will be assembled in California. See GreenCarReports. Underlying article in Contra Costa Times here.

"Latest Call for Facebook to Unfriend Coal: Cartoons"reliability high.
Greenpeace launches cartoon video to pressure Facebook to rethink its reliance on coal-derived power. "The timing of the video coincides with the release of the movie The Social Network, which is a recreation of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s founding story, and Greenpeace’s video is a sort of animated spoof on the film." See GigaOM Network. The video is here on Greenpeace site. [The power of cute.]

"Mexico's Push To Install 3,000 MW of Wind by 2014"reliability high.
"'The projects have taken off and we should have nearly 3,000 MW in three years,' predicts Fernando Tejeda, president of the Latin American Wind Energy Association, based in Guadalajara, adding that they are likely to cost US $5bn." The government is adding incentives. Examples of projects. From Renewable Energy World.

"Graft could jeopardize Indonesia's climate deals"reliability high.
"'Our emission reduction potential from forestry and peatland is about 1.5 gigatonnes by 2030. So if the price of emissions reductions is around $10 per ton in 2030, then our potential revenue is $15 billion per annum by 2030,' Agus Purnomo, head of Indonesia's National Council on Climate Change, told Reuters." But Indonesia needs to "stamp out corruption in its forestry sector, long notorious for graft and focus of an ongoing investigation. ... Anti-graft officials are concerned that the vast sums on offer under the UN scheme could lead to further corruption and theft." See Reuters.

Government and Regulation

"Climate Goes Local; Cities, Local Governments Confront Global Challenge"reliability medium.
Michael Coren writes about the role cities and local governments will play in emission reduction. "Cities have a unique power to drive immediate change involving issues such as public transportation, but they also can help influence prosaic long-term land use planning (think about all those interminable city council meetings) to realize truly sustainable cities." He's not talking about new planned eco-cities. "For now, the realty is more mundane: asphalt recycling and better insulation in buildings, timers for coffee makers and telecommuting, light sensors, and water conservation." Many examples of what local governments are doing. Good list of resources. See Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media. [Interesting trail for this item: It appeared in The Guardian, from Grist ("part of The Guardian environmental network"), where it had been crossposted from Climate Progress which had reposted it from the Yale site.]

Science and Economics

"Carbon capturing technology doomed in Europe: study"reliability high.
A report "EU Energy Trends to 2030" by the National Technical University of Athens suggests that carbon capture and storage will not be economical in Europe if it depends on carbon credits earned from reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The recession and conservation measures have reduced energy demand and renewable energy capacity is rising rapidly, which mean there are plenty of excess credits weighing down their price on the European carbon market. "The lower carbon price does not allow a competitive marketing of CCS," it says. Other highlights and comments on report. Reuters story. PDF of the report here.