24 June 2010

Top firms team on green management, new carbon risk index, California referendum on climate and other business news

Top Stories

IBM, Esty Form All-Star Business Team to Develop Green Innovations.reliability high.
"IBM and consulting firm Esty Environmental Partners (EEP) launched the Sustainability Innovators Working Group this week to push the envelope on developing new management systems and approaches to corporate sustainability. The partners pulled together an all-star collection of member companies, including Boeing, CH2M Hill, Coca-Cola, Delhaize Group, Disney, Diversey, Dow Chemical Company, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., Shaklee, Unilever, and Xerox." Item at Greener World Media.

EU, U.S. clean energy support under threat -HSBC.reliability high.
"New austerity measures threaten support for renewable energy but some cleantech stocks have been over-sold, HSBC analysts said on Monday." See Reuters.

Verizon readies home energy and security services.reliability high.
"Verizon later this year plans to expand its offering with home energy management and security, a move that could signal a quicker route to delivering smart-grid services to consumers. The company is currently developing an "integrated home management system" that includes both energy and security services, according to spokesman Jim Smith. The intent is to add home management to the menu of options Verizon offers." From CNET News.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Ontario launches plug-in vehicle rebate program, first 10,000 applicants get up to $8,500 back.reliability medium.
"Ontario has decided to reward early adopters of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) by launching one of the most lucrative rebate programs found anywhere. Beginning July 1st, Ontario will offer rebates ranging from $5,000 to $8,500 to individuals, businesses and organizations that purchase or lease a new plug-in vehicle. The rebates will only be offered to the first 10,000 qualified applicants, but due to the lack of availability of qualified vehicles, hitting the quota might take a while." See Autoblog Green.

FTSE index to highlight investor climate risk.reliability high.
"FTSE Group today launched new indices designed to help investors track firms' ability to manage climate change risks. The two new indices, the FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy All-Share Index and the FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy 350 Index, have been developed in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) investor group and analyst firm ENDS Carbon. The indices work by analysing the carbon strategies and "tilting" their rating based on their exposure to climate change related risks such as proposed carbon pricing mechanisms." Item at BusinessGreen.

Ford pushes for 25% of its vehicles to feature electric power by 2020.reliability medium.
"If you turn to Ford's director of global electrification, Nancy Gioia, the future of the company takes on an intense shade of green that penetrates up to one fourth of the company's vehicles. Gioia told Automotive News that up to a quarter of Ford's cars will be electrified in some way in just ten years. While Gioia admits that Ford is pushing for hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) to account for 25 percent of global sales by 2020, she also acknowledges that an uncertain future lies ahead and there's a chance Ford may fall well short of that goal." From Autoblog Green.

The SPC's COMPASS Version 2.0 Provides Additional Resources for Sustainable Packaging Design.reliability high.
"The Sustainable Packaging Coalition® (SPC) has released a new version of its COMPASS® web application, which allows packaging professionals to compare the environmental impacts of package designs. Using a life cycle approach, COMPASS assesses packages on resource consumption, emissions and packaging attributes such as material health, recycled or virgin content, sourcing and solid waste. Version 2.0 will include the ability to model the transportation impacts associated with packaging distribution and an enhanced user interface. ... A free trial is available on the website." From CSR Wire.

Government and Regulation

Bid to suspend California's global warming law qualifies for November ballot.reliability high.
"California headed for a high-stakes battle over global warming Tuesday, as an oil industry-backed measure to suspend the state's aggressive climate-change law qualified for the November ballot. The fight will pit the state's powerful environmental organizations and clean-tech businesses against the oil and manufacturing industries. It also arrays many conservative political leaders, including the GOP nominee for governor, Meg Whitman, against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a fellow Republican who regards the global warming law as a key part of his legacy." Story in The Los Angeles Times.

New Australian PM vows to revive carbon debate.reliability high.
"New Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard moved to revive a stalled carbon trading scheme on Thursday, pledging more consultation with industry and voters to win support for an issue that has split the nation. Gillard, in her first comments to the media after former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stepped down earlier on Thursday, said she believed in climate change, backed renewable energy and that the nation needed a price on carbon emissions." See Reuters article.

MEPs want curbs on illegal e-waste shipments.reliability high.
"The EU needs to increase checks on electronic waste exports to avoid illegal dumping and stop the shipment of valuable and sometimes rare raw materials outside the bloc, MEPs in the European Parliament's environment committee said, voting to update EU rules on the disposal of waste electronic equipment yesterday .... They voted for a collection target of 85% of all electronic waste produced, and said member states should be responsible for achieving the WEEE collection target rather than producers themselves." Item at EurActive.

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