02 June 2010

Supplier sustainability reporting, green consumer products forecast, and other news

Top Stories

Puma Commits Strategic Suppliers to Sustainability Reporting.reliability medium.
"Puma says 20 of its strategic suppliers  –which account for more than two thirds of all Puma products – will receive GRI-certified training on transparent measurement and reporting of their sustainability performance using the GRI G3 Guidelines. ... 'Supply chain sustainability reporting is a key part of Puma’s overall sustainability strategy,' says Dr. Reiner Hengstmann, Global Director of puma.safe supply chain". From 2Sustain. Press release here. [From press release: "The Sportlifestyle company PUMA expands its project in cooperation with The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) in GRI’s GANTSCh program which supports supplier factories to report on their social and environmental initiatives and agreed with 20 key suppliers in South East Asia and other major sourcing regions to issue their own sustainability reports from 2011 on."]

Sales of European green goods set to double by 2015.reliability high.
"The emerging European market for green consumer goods is set to double in value to €114bn (£95bn) during the next five years as the price premium on sustainable products begins to fall. That is the conclusion of a new study commissioned by the Centre for Retail Research on behalf of online comparison site Kelkoo.co.uk, which found that while sales of green goods currently account for just 2.5 per cent of the entire European retail market, the sector is set to expand rapidly." More highlights of report. See BusinessGreen.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Investors Urge More Tech Firms to Follow Intel's Lead and Embrace Green.reliability high.
"Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle were among the 23 firms removed from the Nasdaq Global Sustainability 50 Index last fall for failing to meet at least 40 percent of the Global Reporting Initiative's metrics for transparency. Harrington Investments has responded to these firms' removal by filing amendments that would empower the boards of directors to create sustainability committees dedicated to reducing environmental impacts at those firms. ... Earlier this year, Harrington Investments worked with Intel to amend that company's corporate charter to include sustainability commitments, and making it a fiduciary duty of Intel's directors to address green issues." See Greener World Media.

Barclays buys Swedish carbon trader for £98m.reliability high.
"The UK bank said today that it was acquiring the Stockholm-listed carbon developer in a cash deal via its Swedish subsidiary TAV AB. Barclays  has offered to pay SKr8 (£0.70) for each share in Tricorona – 40 per cent more than what they were worth on the closing price in Stockholm on Tuesday. Tricorona specialises in the sourcing, development and trading of carbon emission reduction credits from greenhouse gas reduction projects in developing countries." From GreenWise.

Thomson Reuters to Buy Point Carbon.reliability high.
"Thomson Reuters Corp. said it will acquire Point Carbon A/S, a Norwegian provider of energy and environmental information, to bolster offerings in this field." See Bloomberg Businessweek.

Google throws offset funding at landfill energy project.reliability high.
"The search giant, which runs a datacentre in Berkeley County, South Carolina, signed an agreement with Berkeley County Water & Sanitation (BCWS), carbon offset specialist Blue Source and local energy provider Santee Cooper to purchase all of the carbon offsets created by the Berkeley Green Power Project from autumn this year through to 2013 - an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 metric tonnes of carbon offsets in total. ... The offset deal is the latest in a long line of moves from the search giant designed to make good on its pledge to become a carbon neutral company". See BusinessGreen.

Government and Regulation

Maryland County First in Nation to Impose Carbon Tax.reliability medium.
"Maryland’s Montgomery County gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a tax on carbon emissions, the first such tax by a county nationwide. ... The tax of $5 per ton of CO2 applies to emitters of one million tons or more of CO2 each year, which, in Montgomery County means one company: the local coal-fired power plant, run by Mirant. ... Inspiration for the landmark bill may not only be based on environmental stewardship, however. Montgomery County, like many, many other parts of the country, is facing a severe budget shortfall this year, and it is estimated that the tax could raise $15 million". From triplepundit.

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