25 May 2010

Top firms surveyed on green plans, Ford supply chain, India RECs and other green news for business

Top Stories

Nearly Three-Quarters of Firms Plan to Boost Their Climate Investments.reliability high.
"Rather than waiting for regulatory conditions to solidify, leading companies are taking their cues from the market by investing in climate change initiatives, reporting on their performance and leaning on their supply chains to reduce emissions. Those are some of the dominant themes of a new survey from Ernst & Young on C-suite attitudes toward climate change. The report, "Action Amid Uncertainty: The business response to climate change," probed 300 global executives from corporations with annual revenue of $1 billion or more on how they are responding climate challenges." More highlights of report's findings. See Greener World Media. Ernst & Young press release here. Access report here.

Record Number of U.S. Businesses Say They Want Climate Bill This Year.reliability medium.
"More than 6,000 U.S. companies — a record amount — are calling on Congress to pass a climate bill this year that puts a price on emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases, according to a recent tally by two major business coalitions. ... The list of companies represents a wide cross-section of U.S. industry and covers 21 Fortune 100 companies and 49 Fortune 500 firms. It includes corporate giants Target, Bank of America, IBM, Boeing, General Electric and Starbucks." From Solveclimate blogs. PDF of report here.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Google PowerMeter Links With Gadget Maker, Utility.reliability medium.
"Google’s web-based energy management tool PowerMeter could gain access to up to a million new users through a new gadget partnership announced on Monday. Current Cost, which has sold 1 million energy monitoring devices, has agreed to begin offering devices that are compatible with Google PowerMeter, and also give existing customers an option to upgrade their tools to start using Google’s software." See earth2tech.

Marks & Spencer to sell Fairtrade vegetables.reliability high.
"Marks & Spencer became the first UK retailer to launch Fairtrade Foundation-certified vegetables, after two years of negotiations with the certifying body. As well as helping consumers ease their consciences, the retailer says the move will create new opportunities to invest in community projects for hundreds of small farmers in Kenya." See story in The Guardian.

Ford Will Survey Suppliers About Their Energy Use and Emissions.reliability medium.
Ford "will survey 35 global suppliers on their energy use and GHG emissions. The 35 suppliers include companies that make commodities such as seats, steering systems, tires and metal components, and they represent nearly 30 percent of Ford’s $65 billion in annual procurement spending. The company says it wants to use the data collected to create a broad-based carbon management approach for its supply chain." From 2Sustain.

Government and Regulation

India proposes renewable energy certificate scheme.reliability high.
"The Indian government is reportedly working on plans for a new renewable energy certificate (REC) scheme designed to drive investment in low-carbon energy projects. According to local reports, the country's power regulator last week announced new rules that would allow generators of renewable energy to obtain RECs that could be bought by companies and government bodies to count towards renewable energy targets." See BusinessGreen. ["A central agency will be set up to issue and administer RECs"--So will the government set REC prices or will it allow the market to do so? What are RECs? See earlier HaraBara post.]

Electric car grant could be axed in spending cuts.reliability high.
"The £5,000 discount on all new electric cars, which had been due to be introduced next year, could be scrapped as part of the government's cost-cutting drive, the Guardian has learned. ... The £5,000 discount – along with financial support promised to Vauxhall, Ford and Nissan by the previous government this year – is being reviewed and a decision is expected in 'weeks not months'." From The Guardian.

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