10 May 2010

Countries compared, China and Brazil moves, McDonald's best practices and other green news for business

Top Stories

LEDs to gobble half the $4.4B commercial lighting market by 2020.reliability high.
"Light-emitting diodes got a rousing promotion today from cleantech analysts at Pike Research, who just released a report predicting that LEDs will account for almost half of the $4.4 billion commercial lighting business within the next decade." More highlights of commercial report. From GreenBeat.

New Study Ranks Countries on Environmental Impact.reliability high.
"A new study led by the University of Adelaide's Environment Institute in Australia has ranked most of the world's countries for their environmental impact. ... The world's 10 worst environmental performers according to the proportional environmental impact index (relative to resource availability) are: Singapore, Korea, Qatar, Kuwait, Japan, Thailand, Bahrain, Malaysia, Philippines and Netherlands. In absolute global terms, the 10 countries with the worst environmental impact are (in order, worst first): Brazil, USA, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia, Australia and Peru." From Science Daily. Read full report report here.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

China Longyuan to Spend $13 Billion to Lead Wind Power League.reliability high.
"China Longyuan Power Group Corp. plans to spend about 92 billion yuan ($13 billion) over the next five years to become the world’s No. 1 wind-power producer as global demand for clean energy increases. The Hong Kong-listed company aims to install at least 16,000 megawatts of wind turbines in China and overseas by 2015". See Businessweek.

McDonald's Announces New Focus on Sustainable Supply Chain.reliability medium.
"McDonald's Corporation announced it has updated the sustainable best practices in its supply chain and restaurants. These improvement, included in the latest edition of 'Global Best of Green' and the 'Best of Sustainable Supply, can  be accessed at a new interactive website, ... 'These best practices illustrate that McDonald's and its suppliers are committed to continuously improving our sustainability performance. We have scores of "green laboratories" that are developing and testing environmental innovations that can be shared across the company and scaled where it makes sense,'". Story at 2Sustain. Access McDonald's' case studies here.

Rising sea levels threaten Taiwan.reliability high.
About the current and future impacts of rising sea levels in Taiwan, where much of the population and industry occupies the western coastal plains close to sea level. At Yahoo Green from AFP.

Government and Regulation

Chinese premier threatens to use 'iron hand' to meet energy targets.reliability high.
"Chinese premier Wen Jiabao warned yesterday that he is willing to use an " iron hand" and close down poor performing factories in order to ensure looming energy efficiency targets are met. ... Over the past four years, energy use per unit of GDP has fallen 14.38 per cent, but with less than eight months to go to the deadline it is still well short of the 20 per cent target. In addition, the latest figures have shown that China's energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product rose 3.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year as the economy recovered, further reducing the likelihood of the target being met. ... Local officials and executives of enterprises will be taken to task if their specific energy-efficiency targets are not met by the end of the year, Wen warned." See BusinessGreen.

Brazil launches major push for sustainable palm oil in the Amazon.reliability medium.
"The plan, called the Program for Sustainable Production of Palm Oil (O Programa de Produção Sustentável de Óleo de Palma), will provide $60 million to promote cultivation of oil palm in abandoned and degraded agricultural areas, including long-ago deforested lands used for sugar cane and pasture. Brazilian officials claim up to 50 million hectares of such land exist in the country. ... Brazilian growers could see a boost in the international market if they can cost-effectively produce palm oil without driving direct or indirect deforestation, a concern that has dogged Malaysian and Indonesian producers." Brazil also has plans to export palm-oil-based biodiesel to Europe. Story in Mongabay.

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