05 January 2010

When green companies expand into non-green areas. And other company, industry and government information

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An environmental quandary percolates at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.reliability high.
Discusses the potential image problem faced by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which owns the Keurig by-the-cup coffee machine business, and expects to sell 3 billion non-recyclable single-serve  packages this year. What happens when a company that prides itself on "green" becomes a driver of throw-away, packaging-intensive consumerism? "Keurig concluded the first phase of a 'life-cycle analysis' of the K-Cups this summer, looking at the energy and environmental issues surrounding each stage of their production." Results of that study are not given. From The Boston Globe. [An interesting puzzle: Company's image built on green sensitivity, but now it makes most of its money and future growth from selling disposable refills for its machines. Will there be soul searching, or will purely financial considerations dominate? It will probably be acquired before too long anyway, and the plot will thicken.]

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Suzlon bags 27 MW wind power order from ITC.reliability high.
Suzlon Energy has received an order from conglomerate ITC to supply 27 MW of wind power turbines to projects in Karnataka and Maharashtra for an undisclosed amount. "'The agreement with Suzlon for the establishment of two new wind power projects is a part of ITC's commitment to pursue a low-carbon high-growth strategy and progressively increase its use of renewable energy sources,' ITC Divisional Chief Executive Tobacco Division Sanjiv Puri said." From Business Standard.

Greening Wal-Mart's Supply Chains.reliability medium.
Review of Wal-Mart's environmental goals and actions it has undertaken to meet them. "Regardless of Wal-Mart’s motives, because of its scale, the positive implications of its Sustainability Index could be a sea change for its $400 billion business, over 100,000 global suppliers, millions of customers around the world and the environment." "Wal-Mart knows sustainability makes both good business sense and good public relations sense, but it’s also responding to customer interest in sustainable products." Gives examples of other companies' efforts and other indexes. See SolveClimate blog.

Outsourcing the Carbon Accounting Chore.reliability high.
"Carbon accounting outsourcing (CAO) could be the next big thing in the US$80 billion business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Early out of the gate is FirstCarbon, a carbon data management Click to learn how AT&T Application Management can help you focus on the growth and profitability of your business. subsidiary of global outsourcing services provider ADEC Solutions. Launched in June 2009, FirstCarbon is touted as the first outsourcing firm to allow companies to hand over their carbon measurement and reporting activities to a third party." Other outsourcing service providers and software are discussed. See e-Commerce Times.

A Once-Dark Polaroid Factory Goes Green.reliability high.
Feature about re-opening an old Polaroid film factory in Bedford, Mass., to make Konarka's thin-film PV panels. Discusses "green" jobs in general, pros and cons, and their potential impact. From KOSU.

Government and Regulation

Boiler scrappage scheme launched.reliability high.
UK households "with working boilers with the lowest "G" rating can apply for [£400] vouchers from the Energy Saving Trust, which they must put towards buying an A-rated boiler or installing a renewable heating system such as a biomass boiler or heat pump. The government said the £50m scheme would save as much carbon as taking 45,000 cars off the roads, and cut a household's energy bills by up to £235 a year." " British Gas said it would offer £400 to customers who qualified for the government payout, allowing its customers to save £800 on the cost of a new boiler. Npower launched its own energy scrappage scheme last year and will continue with this offer. Again, householders could save up to £800 by going through this scheme." From The Guardian.

Benn unveils 20-year plan to boost food production.reliability high.
UK Environment Secretary Hilary Benn unveiled the government's 20-year food strategy which hopes to get Britons to eat more healthily and throw less food away. "The document includes proposals for a "healthy food code of conduct" to help people choose what food to buy - ideas include clearer labelling, smaller portions for 'energy dense' or high salt foods, reducing fat and sugar in foods and nutrition information on restaurant menus." Also mentions Conservatives' response. See BBC News. [Some stories on this announcement say food labels will bear "carbon footprint" information under the proposed plan.]

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