01 December 2009

U.S. ceding technology leadership? Water risks, Wi-Fi, the Nano, Australia and other company, industry, and government news

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Scarce Water Resources a Growing Business Risk.reliability high.
"Increasing demand for water resources is a growing business risk, a major economic threat, and a challenge for the sustainability of communities, according to a global resources water report from McKinsey." "the study evaluates four countries with significantly different water issues: China, India, South Africa and Brazil. These countries account for 40 percent of the world’s population, 30 percent of the global GDP and 43 percent of projected water demand in 2030". See Environmental Leader. PDF of full report here. [Worth looking at.]

U.S. falling behind in clean-energy race: Chu.reliability high.
"'America has the opportunity to lead the world in a new industrial revolution,' Chu told business leaders, political leaders and engineers at a Clemson University symposium. But, he said, 'The world is passing us by. We are falling behind in the clean energy race. ... China is spending $9 billion a month on clean energy ... China has now passed the United States and Europe in high-tech manufacturing. There is no reason the United States should cede high-tech manufacturing to anyone.'" From Reuters.

Europeans could save planet for $3 a day: study.reliability high.
"Europeans could help cut climate warming emissions to much safer levels for just 2 euros ($3) each per day, but they would also have to cut back on driving and meat eating, a report said Tuesday. Other long-term changes would include using the train instead of flying for journeys of under 1,000 km, said the report by the Stockholm Environment Institute, commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe (FOEE)." More details of report. See Reuters. Access report here. [HaraBara is willing to bet they would much prefer to spend those euros on a latte rather than save the planet (see our grouchy blog post here)]

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

Wi-Fi Alliance: 7 Reasons Wi-Fi Will Succeed in the Smart Grid.reliability medium.
"Responding to previous article on 5 Reasons Wi-Fi Will Take a Back Seat for the Smart Grid, Greg Ennis, Wi-Fi Alliance’s technical director, presented me with the group’s own list of reasons why, as he put it, 'Wi-Fi will succeed for smart grid deployments.' " See earth2tech.

REPORT: Ratan Tata again confirms hybrid Tata Nano.reliability medium.
"Tata chairman Ratan Tata has confirmed via the South Korean Maeil Business Newspaper that his company intends to launch a hybrid version of the Nano. . . . We're also unsure what kind of hybrid system Tata is developing – we wouldn't expect to see a full hybrid system with an electric motor and battery pack large enough to power the vehicle for long periods of time, but we'd still hope for something more substantial than a simple stop/start micro system." From Autoblog.

Tech company SAP is living the green life.reliability high.
"SAP's four-story, 218,000-square-foot monument to energy efficiency and planet protection is turning out to be a credibility booster. And that was part of the plan. The 35-year-old company is expanding its line of software products designed to help companies go green. Erecting an office that is one of the greenest in the region was intended to demonstrate SAP's commitment to "walk the talk," said Bill McDermott, president of global field operations." From The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Solyndra signs $105m rooftop solar supply deal with Sun system.reliability high.
"US rooftop solar photovoltaics manufacturer Solyndra has received a $105m order from Italian solar integrator Sun System. The order, to be delivered over several years, will be used in rooftop solar developments in Europe." See NewNet. [At least the U.S. has some technology somebody wants.]

Government and Regulation

California Solar Power Transmission Line Approved.reliability high.
"the California Public Utilities Commission approved a new 500 Kilovolt transmission line from desert areas deep in southeastern California where numerous solar projects have been signed, to urban centers on the coast." "The Devers-Palo Verde No. 2 line was first submitted in 2005. The $537 million, 500 Kilovolt line would span 170 miles in two segments across Southern California — 128 miles along Interstate 10 from North Palm Springs to Blythe, and 42 miles from Romoland to North Palm Springs." From CleanTechnica.

China's Carbon Intensity Target.reliability medium.
Commentary and analysis of China's recently announced carbon-intensity targets. See NRDC blog.

Shock result as Abbott wins Liberal leadership by one vote ... ETS dead.reliability high.
"The Australian federal Liberal Party has elected Tony Abbott as leader and in an unprecedented secret ballot voted overwhelmingly to defeat the Government’s emissions trading scheme." From Sydney Morning Herald. [When things go down the drain in Australia, do they spin clockwise or counterclockwise? Or will the greens step in and help get the Government's plan passed?]

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