04 November 2009

Ally calls, Congress listens politely. APP loses another customer, Heathrow shuttle-bubbles, and other company, government and development news

Top Stories

Tear down mental walls on climate, German chancellor says.reliability high.
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel made an impassioned plea Tuesday to a joint session of Congress to work together on efforts to curb global warming and to help forge a binding climate-change deal at an international meeting next month. 'We need an agreement on one objective: Global warming must not exceed 2 degrees Celsius,' Merkel said, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. 'To achieve this, we need the readiness of all countries to accept internationally binding obligations. We cannot afford missing the objectives in climate protection that science tells us have to be met.' Merkel said that people must tear down mental walls that blocked them from seeing the plight of future generations if warming continued unchecked." From Miami Herald. Complete text of climate change part of speech in our blog.

Role of deforestation in the global CO2 budget.reliability high.
Details on the content and implications of the new calculations of the contribution of deforestation to global human-caused CO2 emissions. Researchers found that if emissions from peat degradation are included the actual emissions from deforestation have not declined, but since other emissions have risen the percentage due to deforestation has dropped. See Guido van der Werf's site. The Guardian misinterpreted these results slightly in this article.

Companies, Industries, Markets and Supply Chains

SMA Solar to open new plant in Colorado.reliability high.
SMA Solar Technology AG will open a factory in Colorado to make solar inverters, putting about 15 million euros ($22 million) into the company's first production site outside Germany. Plant will employ 700 and open mid-2010. See Reuters story.

Gucci drops APP in pledge to save rainforests.reliability high.
Gucci "has stated it will stop sourcing paper from Indonesian forests and will drop Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) as a supplier, which has become notorious for tropical deforestation." "By December 2010 it will use only recycled products or paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council." From Mongabay.

Heathrow Airport Gets Fleet of Electric Shuttle Cars.reliability medium.
"Upon arriving at the airport, up to four weary travellers and their luggage will board a bubble type vehicle which will then whizz them to Terminal 5 with the assistance of a computer guidance system - apparently in 'style, and in comfort.' The £25 million ($41 million) project has been lauded as an attempt at making transportation at the airport greener." See Green Options Media Gas 2.0. [Very futuristic. Made by Advanced Transportation Systems Ltd., more here.]

Harvard To Buy Power From Maine Wind Farm.reliability high.
"Harvard University has entered into a 15-year agreement to buy power and renewable energy certificates from a wind energy farm to be built in Maine. Harvard officials announced Monday that Stetson Wind II facility near Danforth, Maine, expected to go online in the middle of next year, will eventually provide more than 10 percent of the university's electricity needs." "Harvard used more than 247 million kilowatt hours of electricity last year." At WCSH from AP.

CII to launch green rating system for companies.reliability high.
"The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is forming a high-level group comprising 70-80 industry experts and environment experts to develop a green rating system. Under this, companies will be eligible for rating after being 'green certified' by the Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Board." "Initially, 20-30 companies will take part in the index on a voluntary basis for a pilot study. The index, to be launched by mid-2010, will rank the companies’ manufacturing processes on the basis of 10 criteria — natural resources consumption, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emission, water consumption and rain water harvesting, carbon emissions, toxicity, green supply chain, product stewardship, lifecycle analysis and green procurement." From Business Standard.

Government and Regulation

Spanish Basque Country gets EV recharging network alongside some gas pumps.reliability high.
"The Basque Government in Spain has announced an agreement with Repsol to install recharging points for EVs at gasoline refueling stations." Mercedes has a van manufacturing plant in Vitoria that will be making EVs. From Autoblog Green.

Govt warns producers to stop producing non-recyclable packaging.reliability high.
The Indonesian government has warned producers to stop producing packaging that cannot be recycled due to a law that is expected to be effective as of next year. "The communication director of PT Tetra Pak Indonesia, Mignonne Maramis Akiyama, said the company used renewable resources such as wood fiber for certain food carton packaging. 'But no wood from Indonesian forests has been used in packaging,' she said. Tetra Pak Indonesia, which has set up three recycling centers in East Java, Jakarta and West Java, supplied about 1.5 billion packages last year." See The Jakarta Post.

UK expands fuel economy label to include used cars.reliability high.
The UK Department for Transport is introducing new color-coded carbon/fuel efficiency labels for new and used cars (database goes back to 2001 models). The label is still voluntary at this time, and will "include information about the car's CO2 emissions, estimated fuel costs over 12,000 miles and MPG. . . .  94 percent of British car dealers have signed up to display it on new and new-ish cars. See Autoblog Green.

From the Top of the Bottom of the Pyramid

The barefoot solar engineers.reliability high.
Photo gallery: "The barefoot solar engineers, Talsa Miniaka, Pulka Wadeka, Minakshi Diwan, and Bundei Hidreka, live in Tinginapu, in the Eastern Ghats of Orissa. They now have a contract to build 3000 solar-powered lanterns for schools and other institutions and they are training other people in the community." From The Guardian.

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